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General Knowledge about Valves And Veins

Veins allow the blood to circulate and bring blood supply all over the body from head to foot. As part of the overall circulation system, blood vessels can change the physical state of the veins into something more prominent and thicker, especially for those veins situated in the legs. These prominent veins become visible just below the skin surface and are medically called varicose veins.

In the United States, varicose veins are one of the leading problems for women, and there are many known triggers for the condition, genetics being just one of them.

General Knowledge about Valves And VeinsIn basic human anatomy, science identifies two types of veins. There are superficial veins that are situated just below the surface of the skin, and those that are physiologically located deep within the muscles connected by the communicator veins. When blood flows, it passes through the first layer down to the deep-seated veins before reaching the heart, lungs, and all other vital organs. All of these are guided by the valves so that the entire body receives the right amount of blood supply.

Possible Causes of Varicose Veins

Varicosities are triggered by malfunctioning or damaged valves. This can happen if anyone in the family has ever had the condition, or if it was passed genetically from parents to their children. Whenever veins carry an existing physical condition, the walls of the blood vessel get weak and the valves start to malfunction. Varicose veins become a problem when the person is standing up and muscles around the legs contract. Then the blood flows the wrong way and the blood flow increases.

There are other serious complications of varicose veins. For example, with pregnant women, whose weight increases progressively during the entire pregnancy, there exists greater pressure to the veins in the lower extremities.  A pregnant woman’s hormonal changes also trigger an increase or fall of estrogen and progesterone, which can greatly affect the blood vessels.

Excessive weight (overweight) or obesity is also another factor that can worsen the varicose veins because the overall body weight becomes concentrated in the lower body parts, especially the legs where most of the damaged veins are situated. Intense physical activities, as well as prolonged periods of standing and walking, may also cause varicose veins to develop. In worse cases, hemorrhoids may even develop along with varicosities. Aging is also a factor to consider in the development of varicose veins or varicosities.

The Physical Manifestations of Varicose Veins

Things To Know About Valves And VeinsThe symptoms of varicosities are very common such as muscle pain especially in the leg area after a long period of stationary position or walking. The muscles and the veins in the area become tender and painful at the slightest movement or touch.

Some people do not feel or observe any manifestations of varicosities or varicose veins.  You may think that they are lucky for not getting such?

That is actually not a favor because if the varicose vein condition worsens, it can lead to thrombophlebitis.  Thrombophlebitis is a condition where the veins get clotted and can dangerously lead to ruptures affecting the lungs and the heart.

Effective Care Concerning Varicose Veins

Usually, varicose veins are not an alarming physical condition so long as they are well monitored and dealt with if needed. Just make sure that the veins are taken care of to avoid damage. Avoid physical injuries on the veins as well; even the simplest act of cleansing like shaving can cause injuries to the veins.

The right and best solution for varicose veins depends on the accuracy of the diagnosis. Nevertheless, it is not hard to get the right diagnosis when it comes to this physical condition because it does not require a lot of procedures and it is very simple to identify.  If additional diagnostic procedures are needed that is only to eliminate other factors that may worsen the condition.

The doctor may use a cuff in order to measure the pressure of the blood flowing through the veins. Ultrasound can also provide the same diagnostic assistance as well as determine where the clot is present.

Things To Know About Valves And VeinsHome remedies for varicose veins are also possible. Simply elevate the legs for at least half an hour (30 minutes) to minimize the accumulated pressure in the leg area as well as to promote better blood flow. Going for a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet helps as well. First, it helps you manage your weight to something proportionate to your body structure. A healthy diet also ensures that your body is receiving what it needs, no more no less.

Avoiding alcoholic beverages also helps, as alcohol is known to contain agents that expand the veins. Taking a jog or long walk also helps increase better blood flow along the veins and minimizes the risk of developing clots. In addition, try wearing belts or pants not too tight in order to reduce muscle and vein constriction.

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