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Pregnancy and Spider Veins

Pregnancy is one phase of a woman’s development which causes a lot of adjustments and changes in a woman’s body. Some of the changes in a woman’s body include changes in appetite, weight, mood swings, and even behavior. One concern that pregnant women often get preoccupied with, other than the shape of their body is the sight of spider veins. These spider veins are usually seen on the face, legs, and other parts of the body. Though these spider veins do not pose threats to the mother and the child, they are still unpleasant to the eyes and most of the time, cause insecurity and low self-esteem for the mother.

Pregnancy And Spider VeinsSpider veins are caused by the swelling of veins during pregnancy. The hormonal changes and imbalances brought about by pregnancy cause random swelling of veins throughout the female’s body. A woman carrying a child inside her womb has an increased volume of blood. This in turn causes a greater chance of swelling and the formation of spider veins on legs and abdomen.

These spider veins appear as red or blue web-like structures on the skin surface. Sometimes they appear in combination with varicose veins, which poses a more serious issue. The spider veins are called such because of the pattern which resembles a spider web, sunbursts, or lines that radiate from the center.

How to Prevent Spider Vein Formation

To avoid the occurrence of spider veins, pregnant women are recommended to do regular exercise and to pay close attention to their diet. Proper diet and intake of essential nutrients are some of the best preventive measures for spider veins. Regular exercise, especially those physical activities that require effort in the leg area such as walking or running, are recommended. However, pregnant women must take precautionary measures so as not to stress themselves too much. Exercises such as walking and running enhance the flow of blood in the leg veins. These forms of exercises also strengthen the leg muscles and stabilize the veins. Once these veins are stable, there is a lesser chance for spider vein to occur.

Pregnancy And Spider VeinsThe proper diet of a pregnant woman must always be with foods containing rich fiber and protein to prevent constipation or loose bowels. Constipation is one known contributing factor to spider veins.

Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables must also be included in the diet because they enhance digestion and prevent spider veining. Fresh fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C are good for the venous system and general blood circulation of the body. Vitamin C is also known to aid in the regeneration and production of the body’s connective tissues.

Though not a comfortable method for a pregnant woman, elevating the leg area during sleep also prevents spider veins from developing further. It relaxes the leg muscles and controls the blood flow in the leg area. Pregnant women are also advised not to cross their legs while sitting, because it strains the leg muscles, thus stressing-out the underlying veins. Pregnant women must also avoid sitting and standing for long hours. However, if sitting or standing for an extended hour is required, then women must take a walk every 30 minutes to relax the leg muscles and reinforce blood flow. Lastly, pregnant women must avoid wearing tight jeans, because it compresses the legs. Pregnant women who want to deal away with spider veins must wear more comfortable and loose clothes until several months after the birth of the child.

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