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Preventing Varicose Veins

Knowing how to prevent varicose veins from happening is the first step in reducing their occurrence. These unattractive bulges on the lower legs can prevent you from enjoying shorts and skirts in the summer and even be painful. They can also be a sign of underlying circulatory disease and can lead to skin ulcers and breakdown. There is no actual complete cure, but prevention can ease the symptoms.

Knowing How To Prevent Varicose VeinsHome Prevention Tips

Prevention always starts right at home. Just a few easy lifestyle changes can make all the difference in knowing how to prevent varicose veins before they even start. Think circulation. In order to prevent varicose or even spider veins, you need to maintain good circulation in the delicate veins that carry blood back to the heart. Damage can cause them to hold on to blood, which can even form clots in the area. This can be an unsafe medical condition. Tips for maintaining good circulation include the following:

Rest your legs. Or exercise them. Depending on your job, if you sit all day get up every two hours and move around. Sitting can cause “blood pooling” in the legs and cause varicose veins. If you stand, sit down and elevate your feet every two hours. This helps move blood upward towards the heart.

Start exercising regularly. If you exercise, focus on exercise that works the legs. If you don’t exercise, start a routine that is helpful in improving leg circulation like walking or swimming.

Maintain a healthy weight. Lose weight if you have to, or at least try not to gain weight. Being heavy puts extra pressure on your delicate leg veins. Try to eat healthy and exercise in order to lose weight. This increases your overall good health. Include fresh fruits and vegetables and stay away from processed and refined foods.

Loosen up your clothing. Tight clothes and shoes can impair good circulation. Wear loose and light cotton clothing and comfortable shoes that fit well, but not too tight. Try to avoid high heels.

Knowing How To Prevent Varicose VeinsWatch your sitting position. Crossing your legs in any way when you are sitting can cut off the blood supply or stop the circulation in your veins. The tiny valves that return blood to the heart need to be clear and open to do their job and crossing your legs can keep them closed off.

Avoid hormonal treatments. If at all possible, try to avoid estrogen, progesterone or birth control pills. Any hormonal treatments are very hard on the veins and circulatory system in general.

If you already suffer from varicose veins, you can try some support stockings. Make sure they are good fitting and not too tight. Varicose veins that are very painful may require further treatment. You can explore both natural and medical options with your personal physician. Just knowing how to prevent varicose veins is a great first step!

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