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Facial Spider Veins

The most exposed part of the human body is the skin since this is the largest and outermost system of the body. As part of the skin and the most featured part of the body, the face is extremely valued by almost every person. To those who value their skin and face, any imperfections such as pimples, freckles, wounds or scars serve as a very embarrassing issue. Aside from wounds and other skin imperfections, issues that concern the skin include what people know as spider veins on the face. Scientifically, a spider vein on the face is also known as telangiectasias. Telangiectasias are dilated blood vessels that resemble the web of a spider. These blood vessels are usually seen on the cheeks and nose.

What Causes Facial Spider Veins?

Facial Spider VeinsThere are a number of factors that cause spider veins on the face. Usually, cases of spider veins on the face are caused by damaged blood vessels. These blood vessels are related to venous hypertension and the back flow of deoxygenated blood in facial blood vessels. Normally, the backflow of deoxygenated blood is prevented by one-way valves found in veins. However, any problems in the functioning of these valves could pull the blood back and trigger dilation of the veins. In addition, telangiectasias is associated with other skin diseases like acne rosacea.

Some disorders associated with spider veins on the face develop from extreme sun exposure, while some develop even from extreme cold temperatures. Another cause that may explain these skin problems is excessive exposure to radiation. Lastly, hereditary factors often come into play and aggravate the condition when partnered with a hormonal imbalance. Since women are the ones usually affected by hormonal imbalance due to their monthly period, they are also the ones usually affected by these skin problems.

How Can You Erase The Appearance Of Spider Veins?

There are a number of ways to effectively deal with spider veins on the face. One effective way is to take out the abnormal blood vessels, paying attention not to leave scars. Sclerotherapy is one surgical operation known to efficiently eliminate spider veins, especially the larger cases. Smaller cases of spider veins on the face can be managed by laser therapy, electrodesiccation, and the intense application of pulse light.

Just as with other skin problems, laser therapies are very effective at dealing with small and medium cases of talengiectasias. Due to its impacting effects, laser beam triggers blood coagulation. This causes the shrinking of malfunctioning blood vessels, which then results in them becoming less visible. After the laser therapy, the skin will show hyperpigmentation, or there will be dark spots on the face, but these spots will fade in two to six weeks time.

On the other hand, electrodesiccation is a therapy that works by means of electrocution. Small amounts of electric current are delivered to the portion of the face where the spider vein is seen. The procedure causes the affected vein to swell and shut, however, after some time, it disappears with no traces at all. However, electrodesiccation must only be done by experts, who are licensed professionals, because there is a risk of scarring.

Facial Spider VeinsFor spider veins that are too deep, it is better to undergo intense pulse light therapy. This kind of therapy involves exposing the spider vein to intense energy waves that hit the vein through skin penetration.

The energy wave is then absorbed by the dilated blood vessels, which results in the shrinking of the problematic vessel.

Likewise, the skin appearance and texture improves.

Although the above mentioned procedures are effective and are applicable for most skin types, the efficiency rate of these options ranges from only 60%-90%. This efficiency rate is affected by other feasible factors that might contribute to the possible recurrence of spider veins — such as hormonal imbalance, genetics, and environmental factors. There are rare cases reporting that some who underwent skin procedures experienced permanent skin discoloration, while others reported some side effects such as bruising and muscle inflammation. Experts indicate that some spider veins are really recurring, especially in cases when extraneous factors are not identified and eliminated.

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