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Effectively Manage Spider Veins

If you are embarrassed to show off your legs, you may be wondering how to effectively deal with unsightly spider veins. This condition is minor compared to varicose veins, but can still be embarrassing. Spider veins are most common on the lower part of the legs and the feet. They appear blue, red or purple and look like “spider legs” branching out from the center. Sometimes, spider veins can cause some pain and itching. They are most common in older women, but anyone can get them.

Spider veins occur from a decrease in circulation in the lower legs and extremities. They are the first sign you get before varicose veins develop. They are harmless but can go on to become varicose veins if left untreated. They are a large cause of self-esteem issues and people that suffer from them avoid shorts, skirts, and swimsuits.How To Effectively Get Rid Of Spider Veins

The good news is that spider veins can be effectively dealt with by a few simple measures to help reduce their appearance and restore health to the veins. Doing this early on is a good way to reduce the likelihood of varicose veins developing.

Using natural methods are better for the body, so try to do these things first before you need costly surgical procedures.

  • Exercise more often
  • Stand less and change positions
  • Lose the tight clothes
  • Kick your feet up once in a while
  • Don’t cross your legs or feet
  • Quit smoking
  • Lose excess weight

Healthy Diet is a Priority

Most important, eat a healthy diet. Cut out refined sugars, alcohol and red meat. Switch to foods as fresh as possible including fresh fruits and vegetables, citrus fruits, cherries, berries, and whole grains. Cut out unhealthy fats and junk foods.

More severe cases of spider veins may need medical help. If you have tried all-natural relief methods and are not getting anywhere, you may have an underlying condition that your doctor needs to look into. The good news is you can continue natural methods to help supplement your body’s healing. Doctors have a few methods that can help, but they are not permanent or considered the ultimate choice.

SclerotherapyDoctors can inject a chemical into the vein that helps shrink the swelling and close it off. Your body will absorb the tissue and your body will begin using healthy veins instead. Side-effects include vein irritation, pain, and redness after the injections.

How To Effectively Get Rid Of Spider VeinsLaser therapy – Doctors can aim a laser at the damaged veins. This option does not go inside the skin and requires several sessions to be effective. This is a costly procedure, not usually covered by medical insurance.

Phlebectomy – A surgeon makes a tiny cut into the vein and removes it through a small incision. The skin is stitched up and you will need to wear compression hose. Side-effects are pain, infection, time off work, and they can come back.

There are many other medical options available. Surgical procedures are costly and come with recovery time, risk of infection, and they are not permanent. If you are wondering how to effectively deal with spider veins, the answer lies in getting your body healthy and healing from the inside out.

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