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Complications of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are part of the body’s venous system. They are usually affected by various problems that oftentimes result in several serious conditions. Varicose veins that encounter complications can result in Complicated Venous Diseases. These diseases include thrombophlebitis, eczema of the veins, ulcers of the legs, and other localized bleeding. These diseases are difficult to treat but they are always preventable. Though varicose veins are prone to contacting problems, they do not always result develop into Complicated Venous Diseases.

Complications Of Varicose VeinsThe blood flow of a healthy person is continuous and is directed by valves unless being hampered by some other factors. Factors that can hamper the proper flow of blood would include accidents, surgery complications, physical traumas and other diseases. When the blood flow is interrupted, the body automatically protects itself to avoid harm through coagulation. However, there are cases that coagulation causes the damage whenever if fails to function correctly.

The Different Types of Complicated Venous Disorders

The most common type of complicated venous disorders is venous thrombosis. Venous thrombosis happens when there is severe clotting due to damaged vein walls and valves that control that blood flow.

This complication usually occurs with deeper veins as well as with veins located near the surface of the muscle. In venous thrombosis, a blood clot,  coagulated blood, interrupts the flow of the blood. Such blood clotting is extremely dangerous especially when the clot forms in the longer body veins such as in the legs and arms. Blood clots can also get divided by the pressure of the flow of blood, which turns them into an embolus – pieces of blood clots. The emboli can now move from superficial veins of the body to the deeper blood vessels causing greater interruption in the body’s blood circulation. Through blood circulation, the emboli can also travel to vital organs of the body such as the heart and lungs. If the emboli reach the lungs, the complication is then called Pulmonary Embolism, a life-threatening complication.

Complications Of Varicose VeinsVenous thrombosis that occurs in deeper veins can lead to what physicians call post-phlebitic syndrome. Because of the blood clot that stayed in the deeper veins for a few years, this post-phlebitic syndrome causes a swollen, hard and dark colored skin, ulcers, and eczema. Venous thrombosis affects people over age 40.

It can also possibly affect those who underwent surgical operations or severe physical trauma, those who recovered from paralysis, those who had venous thrombosis before, and those who had a heart or lung condition. On another note, dermatitis ocre is another complicated venous disorder, which causes the skin in the leg area to appear darker and seemingly rusty. The leg area appears to be rusty due to the iron content of hemoglobin which reacts with the skin. Dermatitis ocre is similar to eczema. Signs and symptoms include itchiness and peeling-off skin.

More serious complications brought about by venous disorders include ulcers, wounds in the leg area, and bleeding. Bleeding happens when the underlying vein is very large to the point that it breaks the skin that protects it. It is also found that itchiness and swelling of the ankles are associated with venous disorders. Experts indicate that the more varicose veins that a person develops in a lifetime, the worse the symptoms of venous disorders become. For all venous disorders mentioned, patients experience pain, especially whenever the person sits or stands for prolonged periods in a day. Although venous disorders do not pose an immediate life threat to a person, experts advise that varicose veins should be addressed as soon as possible to lessen the risk of contacting a complication at a latter time.

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