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What Can Be Done About Varicose Veins?

More often than not, people who have varicose veins do not know it until the veins emerge just below the skin surface.  This is because the symptoms of varicose veins usually are the common things everyone feels on a daily basis like tiredness of the legs, muscle pain, and/or other painful sensations in the leg area. Most people think that they are only tired from a very long day at work.

If noticeable problems or symptoms appear, they usually occur after a very long time from when varicose veins developed. Varicose veins can be really bothersome since they cause problems with the blood flow.

Defining the Vein Damage:  Thrombophlebitis

The Common Issues And Simple Treatments For Varicose VeinsThrombophlebitis is a vein condition where the vein gets inflamed and painful. This appears on veins closer to the skin surface, turning them violet, dark blue, or warm red. Thrombophlebitis makes the surface of the affected area tender to the slightest touch. This is because of the blockage of blood or accumulation in the veins.

If the blockage occurs in veins situated deeper, it can lead to a condition called Deep Vein Thrombophlebitis or DVT, which is a little bit more serious. If this happens, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Possible Solutions for Thrombophlebitis

The immediate course of action for this condition is non-steroidal anti-inflammatories or NSAIDs. These contain chemicals that reduce swelling or inflammation, thus, reducing the pain in the affected area as well.  Those who have pre-existing medical conditions related to the stomach, heart, kidney, liver, and respiratory system (such as asthma), should not take NSAIDs.

Analgesics can also reduce pain. Analgesics have a specific formulation that eliminates the pain by manipulating the nervous system (central and peripheral).

In contrast, anticoagulants also help by dissolving the blood or making it thinner. This removes the pressure, thus, reducing the pain.

Thrombolytics work in pretty much the same way, except that they target the blood clot in the vein by specifically dissolving it.

Remedies for Reducing the Symptoms of Thrombophlebitis

Keeping the legs elevated reduces swelling and pressure in the veins by using gravity. Applying a hot or warm compress on the affected area improves the blood circulation and reduces pain and inflammation. In this scenario, avoid pressing the affected area because this only increases pressure on the veins.The Common Issues And Simple Treatments For Varicose Veins

Some Complications of Varicose Veins

While it is normal to bleed if you injured your skin, when the cuts affect varicose veins, the bleeding can be quite difficult to control and can bleed excessively. As usual, apply direct pressure to the wound to control the bleeding, and raise the legs. If this does not work, get medical assistance as soon as possible.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency is another complication of varicose veins. This is where the flow of blood in the veins gets interrupted and may result in the skin’s failure to absorb oxygen, discard waste products, and absorb nutrients. If this is not resolved in its early stage, it may lead to another complication called Varicose Eczema which damage the skin making it purple (it may appear bruised) for quite some time.

Venous Ulcer is another problem that can develop from this vein damage. Fluid leaks from the veins and destroys the skin tissue resulting in skin ulceration. This must be treated right away to avoid further complications and possible infections since the skin is already open and vulnerable to foreign elements. Thorough medical assistance may be required in order to manage just this single complication.

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