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VeinFactors Futurebiotics Review

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VeinFactors Varicose Vein Complex by Futurebiotics is presented as nutrients for supporting normal vein function. The product’s effectiveness is largely emphasized on the claim that antioxidant properties found in citrus bioflavonoids may have positive impact on healthy capillary function.

The product comes in capsules form, packaged in a standard supplement bottle and a colorful, well labeled box.

VeinFactors Futurebiotics Ingredients

• DiosVein Diosmin – DiosVein is an extract made primarily from Diosmin, a type of bioflavonoid derived from citrus fruits. It is popularly used in many parts of Europe for vascular problems such as spider and varicose veins. Further scientific evidence is still required to rate the effectiveness of supplement Diosmin, from which DiosVein is derived.

• Venocin – is obtained from Horse Chestnut seeds and then standardized to achieve 20% escin, a mixture of triterpenic saponin known to help normalize swelling and promote healthy vein function.

• Centellin –is standardized to achieve 8% total triterpenes from Gotu Kola, which may be helpful for healthy vein function.

Butcher’s Broom – Also known as ruscus aculeatus, Butcher’s Broom has traditionally been used for treating urinary conditions and more recently for varicose veins.

• Others include lemon peel’s powder, soluble citrus extract and citrus bioflavonoids with Hesperidin.

• A mixture of several other substances has been included to enhance VeinFactors. These include Futurebiotics BioAccelerators, which is claimed to boost nutrient bioavailability and a blend of compounds including Trikatu, ginger extract, Lactospore and super-potent Dygezyme for improving absorption and digestion.


One bottle of VeinFactors contains a one month supply of 90 capsules, which means you take 3 capsules daily. While this may last longer, it may not act fast.

Possible Side Effects

Although VeinFactors’ side effects are presently not known, there’s a possibility they may occur, especially due to inclusion of too many filler substances.

Will These Produce Long-Term Results?

While some ingredients such as Horse Chestnut, Butcher’s Broom and Diosmin may be helpful, there are several other substances, whose effectiveness is yet to be scientifically proven, casting doubts on the product’s long-term results.


From the company, each bottle of 90 capsules retails at $27.95. That’s the amount you would have to spend in a month if you bought the product from the company. However, VeinFactors is also available on several other websites, where it’s offered at a discounted price of as low as $13.00 per bottle. While most products retail around this much, we feel that based on the product’s ingredients, the company’s price is a bit on the higher side.

VeinFactors Futurebiotics Guarantee

We couldn’t find company’s return policy or any form of guarantee either from the owners or resellers, which may create doubts on the quality of the product.

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