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Varicose Veins #37 Newton Rx Review

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Varicose veins are becoming a common problem among men and women. Approximately 25% of women and 18% of men fall victim to the varicose (or spider) veins. Varicose veins are essentially the enlarging and twisting of veins usually in the ankles and legs. But fret not because there are supplements available which can get rid of this menace.

One of these is the Varicose Veins #37 1 oz. by Newton RX. It is specially manufactured for symptoms of and related to varicose veins e.g. larger than normal veins, swelling up and discoloration of skin etc. Let’s take a closer look at this product so you can make an informed decision.

Varicose Veins #37 Newton Rx Ingredients

  •          Aesculus hippocastanum 3x
  •          Lycopodium 10x
  •          Hamamelis 3x + 10x
  •          Lachesis 10x
  •          Viper 10x
  •          Pulsatilla 10x
  •          Alcohol 15%
  •          Bothrops lan. 10x
  •          Hydrofluoricum acidum 10x
  •          Calcarea fluorica 10x
  •          Echinacea pur. 3x
  •          Carduus marianus 10x
  •          Zincum metallicum 10x
  •          Cinchona 10x


Adults should use 6 drops 1-4 times a day or however prescribed by your doctor. Sensitive people should start with 1 drop and slowly move to the full dosage.


The Varicose Veins #37 1 oz. by Newton RX comes in 1 oz. bottle and is priced at $19.00

Varicose Veins #37 Newton Rx Guarantee

Unfortunately you cannot return the Varicose Veins #37 1 oz. by Newton RX and get your money back if you have tried (opened) the product. However if you have not used/tried the product Rockwell Nutrition does offer two kinds of returns. The first is sending the product back within 25 days and getting a refund (exclusive of the shipping cost). The second is opting for a store credit minus 10% restocking fee. So basically if you used the product and did not like it there is no money back guarantee.


Overall we found that the product is fairly unknown in the market. There was not a lot of information on it and almost no customer reviews for us to further analyze the product. We also find it a bit overpriced and there is essentially no money back guarantee if you have used the Varicose Veins #37 1 oz. by Newton RX.

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